Reading – An Important Skill

For adults, reading is second nature, we read almost naturally, without even realizing we are doing it. However, for young children, reading is not as simple. There is a perceived misconception amongst parents that children can only read once they are able to write all the 26 letters. However, a child can start reading at as early as 15 months. He or she may not be able to say the word but the visual processing and auditory simulation starts taking place, which in simple words is connecting the sound of the word to its print. Reading is an important skill that requires a suitable environment. Children love to make sense of the world around them and you may be surprised when your toddler is able to read the name of a book, a toy or food item due to early exposure. A simple nursery rhyme helps a baby’s brain to make sound differentiations and create phonemic awareness, an imperative for reading readiness. The brain has done a lot of work coordinating sounds to language, and is fully prepared to coordinate language to reading, and reading to comprehension. At any given time, a reading brain needs to synthesize the text, the sound and comprehend the meaning of words in connection to each other. This is a complex task and enables most brain activity. Unfortunately, this process often gets skipped in school and result in children struggling later on. Each time children find something new, like a newspaper or an activity, there is a curiosity in them to learn more. This curiosity gives way to exploration and new discoveries. Evidence suggests, that children who read for enjoyment, not only perform better in reading tests but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. In the Skillmatics range of products, labelling of objects and clarity in instructions ensures independent learning. As a parent you may explain to your child that the word written below the object is the name of that object and instantly you have strengthened the auditory, visual and perceptual path of the brain network. The older children will easily be able to read the instructions and start working on an activity. It is our endeavour at Skillmatics to enrich the reading experience for children by providing appropriate vocabulary words in each pack, especially while teaching strategic games. Unfortunately, most parents feel that education only occurs in schools or at classes. If a child is not encouraged to learn at home, slowly this innate curiosity of a growing mind diminishes. The child begins to reason and understand less. We hope to alter this misconstruction and urge you to inculcate the habit of reading at an early age for your child. Here’s wishing you success in making your child an avid reader.