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“Skill-building during Coronavirus” discussed

How do children build skills right now?  Skill-building helps children actively participate at school, at home and as a member of their community. Typically characterized by social skills or logical/reasoning abilities, children can vastly benefit from skill-building during their early years. One of the best ways to do this is through play! Play helps parents […]

Stay at Home Safety Kit

Stay Safe with Skillmatics  Learning how to be safe has never been more important for your kids! Our free printable Stay at Home Safety Kit contains a set of educational activities to teach kids how to be safe in a fun and interactive manner. Below are the 3 components of this kit!  1. Do-It-Yourself Non-Stitch […]

Coronavirus Crisis – Supporting Kids During This Time

7 tips for nurturing and protecting your children at home As schools and and offices are being shut in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Parents are struggling to keep their kids healthy and occupied.  Below are some tried and tested tips that might come handy : 1. Establish a daily routine Setting […]