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Learning Styles & Advice for Different Learners

An overview Learning styles for each child are very different. Through this blog we will go through learning styles and how think are linked to a child’s intelligence. When I first learned about Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I felt a great sense of relief. Intelligence is often limited in its definition. People are […]

Help Your Kids Say Goodbye to Boredom

An Overview The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines “bored” as ‘feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.’ Given the pace at which life is moving today there are scarce opportunities for boredom. Unmistakably, life has slowed down considerably since the lockdown. That being said, those who have […]

Cooking for or with Children – 10 resources you need!

An Overview: Perhaps you feel as if you can’t cook and recipes never turn out right? Or you’ve been cooking and your kid loves to help but you need help facilitating this? Either way, we have a guide that covers parents and children beginning to cook, intermediate level cooks and resources for more advanced cooking! […]

DIY Projects – Maximize Creativity at Home

Maximize Your Child’s Creativity at Home With quarantine and children at home due to the lockdown, free time has multiplied for your little ones! DIY (Do it yourself) projects are a great way to keep them occupied, for hours at a stretch and gives them the opportunity to maximise their creativity while at home. These […]


IN THE KITCHEN! There are myriads of benefits of introducing your children to cooking, plus you get to spend some extra time with them! Read about how cooking with your kids can improve their imagination, overall development and self-confidence! http://mommyuniversitynj.com/2015/03/16/10-benefits-of-cooking-with-kids/ IN THE LIBRARY! Confused about what books you should buy your children? Or which ones […]

How to teach your kids to have polite conversation?

Having polite conversation is definitely one of the most important things a child must be taught. In order to teach them to be polite as a parent you must encourage them to speak. The more they speak the more you can guide them on how to speak. Studies suggest that all conversation is good for your […]

Teach your kids the art of rhyming & poetry

Have you ever wondered why kids enjoy poetry so much? When you look closely into kids poems, they are as simple as they can get. Many of them are simply words put together that tell about things around. The best example here is “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…” The reason why this kind of […]

How does your child’s writing develop in Kindergarten and beyond?

Writing refers to the ability to put form and structure to one’s thoughts and expressions.You may think that speaking comes naturally to children, however you need to understand that there is a sequential process by which young children acquire language. The relation between language acquisition, comprehension and the ability to make meaning from the spoken […]