Five Benefits of Skillmatics Write and Wipe Activity Mats

Skillmatics was started with a clear goal – to develop innovative educational products which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts – all through the joy of play! We are deeply concerned with the amount of time children today spend on digital devices and the adverse impact that this is having on their development. Skillmatics solves this problem by providing parents with a range of highly engaging products which make learning super fun! We have listed some of the key benefits of our innovative “Write and Wipe Activity Mats” to provide a deeper understanding of our product range 1) Developed by Educationalists At Skillmatics, we have a dedicated a team of subject experts, educationalists, remedial instructors and design specialists who collaborate to create innovative and engaging educational products so that children can constantly learn through the joy of play! We undertake extensive research into learning frameworks and pedagogies while developing our products. While we have a unique learning framework, our products are inspired by Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Harvard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. We pride ourselves in having very innovative content which reinforces key learning outcomes through highly engaging and fun activities! Parent tip – You can identify the key learning outcomes covered by your Skillmatics product at the back of the box. 2) Build Key Skills Our team of educationalists and child experts ensure that each of our products are meticulously designed with a focus on building key skills in your children. We have identified a set of 16 core skills ranging from basic skills such as “Focus & Attention” and “Problem Solving” to higher order skills such as “Critical Thinking” and “Decision Making”. We strongly believe that building the right skills at an early age is the key to ensuring the long-term success of your child and all products have activities which will help your young ones build the skills they need today to succeed tomorrow! Parent tip – You can identify the skills that each Skillmatics product is primarily focused on at the back of each box. 3) Write-Wipe-Repeat Format Skillmatics “Write and Wipe Activity Mats” have been developed with the unique Write-and-Wipe format. This format makes all of our activities repeatable and ensures hours and hours of fun learning! Children absorb concepts well through repetition and our innovative format allows them to practice key concepts and play their favourite games again and again! We only use the highest quality material in our products so that the “Write and Wipe” experience is truly enjoyable for both parents and young ones! Most products today offer a “one-time” use – but our “Write and Wipe” format makes all our products reusable again and again which ensures every parent gets great value for money! 4) Alternative to Digital Devices One of the greatest challenges that every mother faces is the amount of time their young ones spend on digital devices like mobile phones and tablets. Every mother is aware of the harmful implications prolonged digital exposure has on their child’s development and is in dire need of an equally engaging but healthy alternative! Skillmatics is the solution to this problem! Our highly engaging products are sure to occupy your young ones for hours and hours at end! 5) Skilly Billy! Skilly Billy is your child’s companion through their learning journey. An all-round skill master, Skilly Billy has multiple avatars inspired by qualities and intelligences that your child naturally possesses. Your child will enjoy learning new concepts with everyone’s favourite friend – Skilly Billy! We have carefully designed innovative “Skilly Billy” pens which are easy for young children to grip. Each Skilly Billy Character is super attractive and will surely be a hit with your young one – Complete his or her collection by collecting all seven Skilly Billy characters! We are deeply committed to our vision to bring happiness to millions of children while helping them realise their full potential – one Skillmatics product at a time!