How do we develop our products?
At Skillmatics, we have a dedicated team of subject experts, educationalists, remedial instructors and design specialists who collaborate to create innovative and engaging educational products so that children can constantly learn through the joy of play. We undertake extensive research into learning frameworks and pedagogies while developing our products. While we have a unique learning framework, our products are inspired by Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Harvard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Our products are meticulously designed to ensure that a child can benefit from a continuous cycle of learning while enjoying hours and hours of fun!
Do the Skillmatics Write and Wipe Activity mats come in different sizes?
We offer two size formats – a large sized pack and a travel friendly smaller sized pack. All our themes and activities have been carefully designed keeping in mind the size format to ensure optimal use and fun!
What does each Write and Wipe pack include?
Skillmatics large pack contains – 12-30 repeatable activities based on the topic, 6 double-sided mats, 2 Skilly Billy magnetic pens, 1 duster cloth, and 1 Skill Billy Achievement Certificate. Skillmatics small pack contains – 12-20 repeatable activities based on the topic, 6 double-sided mats, 1 Skilly Billy magnetic pen, 1 duster cloth and 1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate.
Are Skillmatics product safe for my children?
Yes, they are 100% safe. Skillmatics products meet International Safety Standards and are completely safe and non-toxic.