What to do when your child doesn’t want to go to school

Every parent has to go through the same situation in which their child decides he or she doesn’t want to go to school. They will scream, cry, throw a tantrum and do anything to stay at home. To combat such a situation as a parent your duty is to identify the problem and then find a suitable solution for it. We have unravelled five ways to help a parent deal with this situation. Make staying at home unappealing – Let your child know that the only way he or she can stay at home is if they are truly sick, they will have to see a doctor, take distasteful medicines and stay in bed and rest. Your child should be aware that he wouldn’t be able to play with his friends, or watch television. Thus, making staying at home as unattractive as possible. Enforce a strict bedtime policy – Very often the reason your child doesn’t want to go to school is because he or she doesn’t want to wake up. The only solution to this is to ensure that your child gets enough sleep, by enforcing strict bedtime rules. Children require more sleep than adults, which is a minimum of 9 to 10 hours. Don’t lecture your child – Avoid lecturing your child about the importance of going to school. Children need to be explained indirectly, if not, they tend to behave rebelliously. Is your child being bullied? – Sometimes children do not admit they are being bullied, as they have been threatened. To find out if your child doesn’t want to go to school because he is being bullied, ask indirect questions that will make him share his experiences or discuss this with him when he is a good mood to talk. If bullying is the reason, teach him coping strategies like ignoring taunts, speaking to a teacher and finding good friends. Is your child anxious? – A strict teacher, not understanding what is being taught, not being able to make friends or not being able to cope with being in a strange environment, are all causes for a child to feel anxious about going to school. The solutions to these problems are; in the case of a strict teacher and difficultly in understanding have your child do his homework regularly, revise extra and arrange for tuitions if needed. If your child is having difficulty making friends and adjusting to the environment, as a parent you can take the initiative to invite some classmates at home for a play-date or car-pooling so as to ensure others accompany your child when he goes to school.We hope you can apply these methods to ensure your kids never say no to going to school again!