5 Reasons why kids should play sports

5 Reasons why kids should play sports

5 Reasons why kids should play sports? There are a number of benefits of playing sports for kids. 1. Improve physical health 5 reasons why kids should play sport, it brings physical health benefits to anyone who takes to the field and children are no different. Rather than reminiscing about how you never wasted so […]


IN THE KITCHEN! There are myriads of benefits of introducing your children to cooking, plus you get to spend some extra time with them! Read about how cooking with your kids can improve their imagination, overall development and self-confidence! http://mommyuniversitynj.com/2015/03/16/10-benefits-of-cooking-with-kids/ IN THE LIBRARY! Confused about what books you should buy your children? Or which ones […]

How does your child’s writing develop in Kindergarten and beyond?

Writing refers to the ability to put form and structure to one’s thoughts and expressions.You may think that speaking comes naturally to children, however you need to understand that there is a sequential process by which young children acquire language. The relation between language acquisition, comprehension and the ability to make meaning from the spoken […]

Child Safety – At Home & School

Child safety is one of the most important issues we can address today. All children have the right to be safe, receive adequate care and grow up in a protective environment such that they can grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential. A family is the first line of protection for children. Parents are […]