About Skillmatics

Skillmatics is a new age brand that develops innovative educational products and games designed to help children build core skills, ranging from math and language to science and logic, through systematic play.

Our Mission :

Revolutionize the way children learn by creating unique, highly engaging games. We aim to develop products that make the process of learning an experience that children look forward to.

We want to bring back the time when children had the freedom to learn by doing, by exploring, by using their imagination and fuelling their curiosity.

We are deeply committed to our vision of developing products, that bring joy to children while helping them realize their full potential – one Skillmatics product at a time!

What We Create :

Our team of educationalists and design specialists ensure that all our products are age appropriate, highly engaging and make the process of learning an enjoyable one!

With our range of Write and Wipe Activity Mats, Educational Games and STEM Toys. We hope to encourage and stimulate young minds.


3,000,000+ Products Sold since 2017

10,000+ Retail Stores

200+ Educational Institutions